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Lady Sonia wrapped in an over-sized men’s dress shirt with her boobs peeking through.

Lady Sonia looking long and leggy in her black velvet heels beside her oversized leather briefcase, with her tits spilling out of her black bra.

Lady Sonia bends over to show you a deeper look at her stupendous cleavage and spectacular titties.

Lady Sonia bends over backwards to show off her milky white ass flanked by her black garter hose and stockings.

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With her long french manicured nails, buxom bosom and legs to die for, Lady Sonia poses on top of her travel trunk and wishes you were there to fuck her on it.  She’d let you run your hands over her panty hose while she sucked your dick, and then you could suck her huge tits while you fucked her tight pussy.


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Lady Sonia may have been your personal assistant earlier in the week, but today, she wants to be your red hot sizzling personal chef.

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Wearing black leggings, and a very hot pink and black bra, Lady Sonia sure knows how to turn up the heat in the kitchen.  She straddles the countertop and shows a preview of what’s really on the menu.

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Too hot to handle? Lady Sonia steps out of her leggings and shows off her see through g-string, which looks amazing on her nice ass.  She’d love to be fucked on that white marble flooring.

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Lady Sonia isn’t done yet. She’d serve up her glorious big round tits as appetizers to you, if you’d wish. You could nuzzle up to those girls for hours.

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Lady Sonia shows that she is the most gorgeous kitchen accessory to have sat on the countertop in years.  To hell with the expensive espresso maker, you need Lady Sonia to grace your kitchen!

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Lady Sonia gazes at you lustily with her navy blue eyes.  She clicks her black patent pumps together as she waits for you to get out of your apron, and into her pussy.  Wouldn’t you love some of her hair pie? or to slide your cock between that cleavage?

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Lady Sonia makes a stunning personal assistant all decked out in her purple linen skirt and crisp white blouse, which accents her most stunning cleavage!

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Lady Sonia is finished all her dictation now.  She is wondering if you have any more dick-tation to give to her?

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Lady Sonia strips down to her black  stockings held up by a lacy garter belt.  Her tits and that pink snatch look so inviting and fuckable!

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While fucking Lady Sonia on that glass table top might not be recommended, it sure does provide a lovely view of her smoking hot body.

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Lady Sonia, straddles the glass topped desk still wearing her black stiletto heels.  Her dripping wet snatch is begging to be fucked by your hard dick.

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Lady Sonia’s  giant round tits are so in your face. She wants to be fucked hard.

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Lady Sonia sits bare assed on the glass table, and waits for you to peel off your suit.  She wants you to slide your dick between her stocking legs, and into her moist vagina.  She would also like you to suck her tits.  But be warned! you have a 10 o’clock meeting to get to, so you need to take care of her quick, but thoroughly still.

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Looking like a hot spanish flame, Lady Sonia sits demurely on her leather couch waiting!

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Lady Sonia spreads her long ebony legs to show off her soft butter yellow panties, and her shiny gold high heel shoes!

Lady Sonia Strips

Whoops!  Lady Sonia’s flowing black skirt seems to have come unzipped. She’ll have to remove it to show you her tight ass!

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With her black skirt pooled on the floor about her gold high heels, Lady Sonia bends over so that you can get a better view of her totally fuckable ass!

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Lady Sonia looks beguilingly at the camera, as she imagines what your hot hands on her body would feel like!

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Lady Sonia shows off her big long nipples by pulling down her saffron yellow blouse!

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Lady Sonia, wearing nothing but her panties and her gold heels, waits for you to come sex her up!

Who wouldn’t like to come home to such a lovely lady on their couch?  After a long hard day at work, Lady Sonia waits for something long and hard to come her way. In more ways then one.


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